Monday, February 8, 2010



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Can YOU DENY THIS???? - Media

If you have 15 minutes I promise this talk will change you day. When the page opens click on the Sunday PM, and then look for Jeffery R. Holland on the right side and turn your volume up and be prepared to feel the spirit. When I get frustrated with my calling or the 60+ prospective elders in my ward I find myself watching this. I often need to be reminded that too may good, honest, faithful people have died to carry this work forward and I had better stop feeling bad for myself. - Ensign Article - “Love Thy Neighbor” - Ensign Article - “Love Thy Neighbor”

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to update my blog

Today I turned 35. I'm home alone because Amy took the girls to Princesses' on Ice. That is my present, not having to go. My blog is now updated. Love you all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Backyard Campfire

The girls along with Amy's encouragement have been wanting to roast hot dogs and marshmallows so we decided to do it tonight. It was bath night anyway(we do it on Wednesdays like my DAD) so it didn't matter if we all smelled like smoke. Everything was going good with our "small" fire until our campground got a little boring so I threw our Christmas tree on the fire! First thing that happened was Amy got mad, then the girls got scared and mad, then the neighbors horses went wild like the brood mare herd from snowy river, then the column of black smoke got bigger and more embarrassing, the girls were running for their lives and got trapped against the fence 80' from the fire but still trapped and calling in for the smoke jumpers, then the Dora plastic chairs started to change shape, then it was OVER! It was quite the deal and everyone was yelling and pointing fingers but it all worked when they calmed down and was able to roast marshmallows

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roadtrip to Kanab via Toquerville

This was a great trip! I will just touch on the highlights:
In my car Me. Amy, Kami, Nate, Reghan, Tailor, Kennedie
Left 1/2 hour late, buckled everyone in said prayer.
1st stop...Wendy's in Tooele, I spilled Kami's 44oz Dr Pepper.
Next stop, Meadow for a drink and stretch. Nate and I both noticed the hot older lady working there with a possible boob job, but a bad case of man hands!
Next stop, Toquerville..We made it!
St. George for dinner, small confusion at the Outback but Nate fixed it.
Up early to get ready to drive to Kanab, shower head too low and very energy saving at 8oz a minute.
Had a great breakfast cooked by Kami....Mom liked the french toast.
Went against Kari and Mom and followed GPS route to Kanab, ya it was a mistake. We ended up driving thru Zions and paying $25 on top of that. Did get to see some scenery and drove thru a long tunnel, but not the fastest way to Kanab
Fuel light comes on......just a bit of panic.
Missed 4.5 minute wedding ceremony.....dang it!
Said Hi to Pete and met his Bride and her Mother(very similar)
Home thru Arizona......didn't see any plygs
Great dinner and table at the Olive Garden(what else would you expect from St. George) thanks for dinner MOM!
Stopped at nice new Walmart to get new shower head.
Up and cleaned the cottage.
Stopped at Cedar City....lunch
Stopped at Rest Area.....for Nate
Stopped at Meadow, yes she was working again.
Stopped at Lyndal, reenact the breakdown notice pole and building in pic.
Tailor stepped in the only mud puddle around....she was crying and shoes off.
5 miles later realized shoes were left on car bumper.
Turn around and find both shoes in road 1/4 mile apart.
Stop in Stockton....for Amy and Reghan.
Finally home and watch Jazz finally win a roadgame!
Thanks again for all those who helped make this trip really fun, I barely thought about the fact I didn't get any the whole trip.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flaming Gorge 2001 Cliffs and Turtles

We were watching some old tapes last night and we came across this one. It is at Flaming Gorge in July 2001 and everyone is so much younger. Special thanks to Shaun and Randy for hours of intertainment. It is worth watching, for no other reason it it 3 hours to upload, please pause the SheDaisy sooundtrack so you can hear the video. Enjoy!